Pilk: Crafting a Healthier, Sustainable Alternative

Pilk, by Vegannovative Solution Pvt. Ltd., offers a delicious and versatile plant-based milk made from oats, cow peas, and moongs. It's dairy-free, unsweetened, and packed with nutrients like calcium and vitamins A, D, and B12. Pilk is committed to PEOPLE, PLANET, and PURPOSE, focusing on sustainability.

They partnered with Exetera Inc to revamp their e-commerce site, transforming it into a Shopify-based custom website. This collaboration helps Pilk reach a wider audience and showcase their commitment to healthy, eco-friendly living, making them a leading player in the plant-based beverage industry.
What sets Pilk apart is its unique blend of raw and fresh ingredients, including oats, cowpeas, and moongs, which create a delightful taste and creamy mouthfeel. This dairy-free, lactose-free, and unsweetened oat milk is not only delicious but also versatile. It can be used in tea, coffee, or as an ingredient in various culinary applications. Pilk's oat milk stands out by not splitting or curdling when heated, ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience.
When tasked with the transformation of Pilk's e-commerce site, Exetera Inc delved into the intricate art of color selection with precision and purpose. The foundation for our color palette was drawn directly from Pilk's existing packaging, ensuring a seamless visual transition from their physical product to the digital realm.
Our meticulous process involved not only harmonizing with Pilk's packaging colours but also introducing elements of veganism into the mix. We aimed to evoke a sense of health, sustainability, and a plant-powered lifestyle through our choice of colours.
In addition to the palette, Exetera's design experts curated a set of unique icons and engaging gifs. These visual elements served to further enrich the website's aesthetic appeal and functionality, offering an immersive and interactive user experience.
By taking this comprehensive approach to color selection and visual elements, Exetera Inc. successfully elevated Pilk's brand identity. The result is a captivating and user-friendly website that not only complements Pilk's packaging but also communicates their commitment to a healthier, sustainable future. This design transformation on Behance showcases the seamless fusion of aesthetics and purpose, highlighting Exetera's dedication to creating exceptional digital experiences for their clients.
In the pursuit of rejuvenating Pilk's online presence, our mission was clear: to shed the old website's perception of being somewhat "crayon and plastic" and to reposition Pilk as a brand synonymous with the purest elements of nature. Despite the constraints posed by fixed brand identity and packaging, our creative brainstorming sessions led to a transformative vision. Through meticulous design choices, we crafted a digital environment that exuded a sense of freshness and authenticity. The result is a website that seamlessly marries Pilk's established brand identity with a newfound natural essence, delivering an online experience that resonates deeply with both loyal customers and newcomers alike.
Our commitment to creating a superior user experience through thoughtful design and strategic call-to-action implementation has yielded remarkable results for Pilk. With our redesigned website, Pilk's sales have seen a substantial threefold increase. By optimizing user engagement and enhancing the customer journey, we've empowered Pilk to effectively connect with its audience, resulting in this significant boost in sales. Our collaboration has not only elevated Pilk's digital presence but has also translated into tangible business growth, underlining our dedication to delivering impactful design solutions.
Mahesh Sargasree Brand Strategist
Yadhu A U UX Designer
Yadhukrishna Shopify Developer
Sreenivas C V Consultant Brand Identity Designer
Ahamed Safwan Consultant Graphic Designer

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