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If we buy good coffee beans, great taste we could get." That’s what most people think. But today, l am going to introduce grinding coffee bean is as important as getting high quality coffee bean. Particularly in industry of single serve coffee manufacturing such as for coffee capsule filling machine.

Let’s take the Nespresso capsule as an example. As we know, the key process of making a cup of espresso is the process of extraction, and the ideal state of extraction is to achieve uniform extraction. If the size of each ground coffee granule is different, the surface area in contact with water will be different (the substances extracted per unit mass at the same time will be different), so the ideal uniform extraction cannot be achieved.

So, we must get an average coffee granule size, which means we need a high-quality coffee grinder. lt would be perfect if you have a multi-roller grinder. It grinds coffee beans step by step, usually as 2 stages or 3 stages, finally gets the fine ground coffee. And usually, it is equipped with densifying in the bottom which will also compress the coffee and control the density. This will work well on the Nespresso capsule filling machine. Because in a coffee capsule filling machine, a servo motor drives auger filling to output coffee into each capsule, if the size of coffee is different, by the same auger rotating turns, it would output different weight of coffee and more than accuracy problem, it would stick the filling auger inside, cause more pressure for motor, So, except for choosing high quality filling machine and great material, a good grinder is also important.

A pro in the coffee industry must think of the first process carefully, as a starting point, it affects each of the following steps. So, if you want to know more about aspects of coffee capsule packing machines how to pack capsules. Contact us!

Publication Date: 2 July, 2021


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