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This single-lane machine is our upgraded Nespresso capsule filling and sealing machine. It boasts a speed of up to 54 pods per minute while working within a small footprint, so it is ideal as an entry machine for new or smaller enterprises. The machine is configured to be most compatible with Nespresso but it can also be configured for use in Kcup/Dolce Gusto/Lavazza coffee pod filling and sealing.

The standard machine is equipped with a vacuum feeder with an optional screw feeder to avoid the loss of ground coffee aroma from air contact. The English version of the touch screen makes the machine very easy to operate. It can also automatically identify the absence of capsules and stop the filling process, it has a foreign body alarm, and other standard quality assurance devices.

Other components include: a feeding system; a powder suction station; a film/lid station; a heat sealing station; an output station. The k. edmundchina single-lane coffee pod filling and sealing machine can also be improved with optional features such as checking and weighing instruments, flavor pumps, and counting functions.

k. edmundChina is a leading Chinese producer of coffee pod filling, sealing, and packaging equipment. Please contact us using the contact form below to talk about production line design and supply ith one of our experienced technicians.

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CP5001L is our smallest machine, and it is also an entry-level machine, an ideal machine for entrance production. Servo drive.

Fit for filling nespresso, k cups, lavazza and dolce gusto coffee capsules.

It contains a full set of functions for the production of coffee capsules: automatic cup drop, automatic filling, automatic cup edge cleaning, automatic film cutting (or put precut lids), and automatic sealing.

Equipped with some brand accessories, such as OMRON, Schneider.

It can also automatically identify no cup no filling, foreign body alarm, and so on.

Small in size, 1700(L)*700(W)*2421(H)mm(Installed Size)

Reliable working to continually packing 2400-3000 cups per hour

Ideal price to lower the budget.

Optional features: Check and weigh, flavor pump and counting function.

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Coffee Flavour Pump
Load cups then sensor confirms
Load Cup Sensor - Coffee Capsule Machine
Filler station (auger fill)
Filler Ststion for a Coffee Capsule Machine
Cut roll film (or place precut lid)
Roll film cutter for a Coffee Capsule Machine
Remove finished cup

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Room 2210, Building 1, The Link Plaza,
No.278 East Suzhou Avenue,
Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu Province,

Tel: +86 13348026518

E-mail: trigger@expakchina.com

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